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DFKI MuchMore Annotation Tool + Annotation Display Tool MMV

To view the linguistic and semantic annotation that is employed in the MuchMore Prototype, please try out the DFKI MuchMore Annotation Demo. Upload a German or English text (for demo purposes, size should not exceed 2 kBytes) to be annotated with the following information: Part-of-Speech, Morphology (inflection and decomposition), Chunks, Semantic Classes - UMLS (Unified Medical Language System), MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), EuroWordNet-, Semantic Relations from UMLS.


Annotated documents in the MuchMore format can be displayed by use of the MMV tool, which can be downloaded after registration. The tool allows display and interactive correction of annotated documents in the MuchMore format as may be obtained by use of the DFKI MuchMore annotation demo (see above).


last modified, june 2003
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