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MuchMore Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval Prototype


The MuchMore Prototype is a cross-lingual document retrieval system that enables users to retrieve documents (in English and/or German), which are relevant to a given query document (in English or German). In the current version of the MuchMore system, query documents are assumed to be German electronic patient records and documents to be retrieved are medical scientific abstracts in both German and English.

The MuchMore Prototype is implemented as a sophisticated query construction tool on top of a meta-search engine that provides access to a merged/ranked list of relevant documents from three different search engines that implement cross-linguality in different ways: CMU (EBT: Example-Based Translation and PRF: Pseudo Relevance Feedback methods), CSLI (concept-space model), EIT (semantic annotation - with DFKI).

Try out the MuchMore Prototype by uploading this example German patient record.



last modified, june 2003
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