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Project Objectives


With support, both for basic research (through NSF) and applied research and development (through the EU), the much.more project provides a framework in which at the same time existing technologies can be integrated and refined and new technologies can be developed.

what it does
much.more will carry out the following tasks:

Research regarding the effective combination of statistical, knowledge-based and heterogeneous approaches and resources and their integrated use for cross-lingual information access and management, including performance evaluation for realistic information access tasks.
Research and technology development concerning the automated acquisition and effective use of domain-specific concept hierarchies and corresponding multi-lingual linguistic resources (parallel and comparable corpora).
Demonstration of a cross-lingual information access prototype system for the medical domain, and user evaluation of the system to ensure usability for real-life tasks.
main tasks

The cross-lingual information access prototype system for the medical domain will be made publicly accessible through the internet. It provides access to multilingual information on the basis of a domain ontology and classification. For the main task of multilingual domain modelling, the project will focus on German and English.

last modified, january 2001
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